Ferry Road

August 8, By Gabriele

This project involved the full refurbishment of a semi-detached house located in the centre of Oxford situated within a primarily residential area and eclectic mix of styles and ages. The client’s primary objective was to create a large open plan living space at ground floor level and two additional bedrooms above.

The architectural intent of the project from inception was to use brickwork to seamlessly connect the existing building to the more contemporary extension. It was important that great care was taken in matching the paterning and colouration of the existing mixed gault bricks.

At the front of the property, this brickwork is used to blend the existing house to the new side extension. As this returns along the side of the house, the colouration provides a stark contrast to the red multi-brick of the neighbouring property. Finally, as the rear façade is slowly revealed, the use of dogtooth brick detailing produces a contemporar       y aesthetic framing the aluminium windows and catslide dormer. The large opening into the kitchen below emphasises the horizontal panel of dogtooth brickwork above presenting it as the dominant feature.

Within the house, selected areas of the brickwork were also exposed to provide features of interest and create a connection to the exterior aesthetic. The client was delighted with their new home, which has the flexibility to cater for their growing family.

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