Listed house, Oxfordshire

The Old Rectory is a Grade II listed house, preserved by strict planning constraints within which we were obliged to work. The client’s brief included a new kitchen leading into a highly glazed garden room with crisp, light architectural features.

We wanted to create a very clear definition between the new extension and the existing house, taking influence from the listed building’s proportions and facade. We used a glazed slot to create this separation; thus the original rear elevation of the building is retained in accordance with key requirement of the planning conservation team.

The extension features a green roof that blends with the garden when viewed from the bedroom above. Additional accommodation was added to the house through partial conversion of the roof space to form an en-suite loft room at the second-floor level. Altogether the works present a cohesive scheme to modernize the living space in a traditional home with sleek, carefully considered the design.

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